The Salcombe NDP Group would like to thank all who have commented on the Regulation 14 Consultation document. We have had over 200 responses. Respondents have explained the reasoning behind their comments clearly and constructively which is extremely helpful.
The Regulation 14 Consultation is now closed but if you have any further observations we would encourage you to email us at

The NDP Group has considered every comment and drawn up a response. Please click HERE to see all the responses and changes the NDP Group propose to make within the next version of the plan when formally submitted to SHDC (Regulation 15 and 16 ) Comments received have been sorted by Policy theme starting with comments on the proposed Environment Policies etc. Respondents who commented on more than one proposed Policy will find that their comments and the NDP Group response will be duplicated under the different themes. This has been done to facilitate the task of the Plan at examination to ensure that all comments received have been commented on and where appropriate taken into account in amendments made to the draft Neighbourhood Plan. The next opportunity to provide further comment will be when SHDC issue it for formal consultation under Regulation 16.

A hard copy of all the responses are also available to read at Salcombe Library

Since publication of the draft Plan  we have been made aware by South Hams District Council of a few changes to the Joint Local Plan as it affects Salcombe so we shall also be reviewing those changes to see if they prompt amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan. A guiding principle of Neighbourhood Planning is ‘community consultation’ and the Salcombe NDP Group is committed to full, open and transparent consultation.

Thank you again to all who have read and commented on the Consultation document.
Salcombe NDP Group