Thank you to those who completed the online survey or filled in a paper based questionnaire. In total, 570 responses were collected.

The results of the survey have been used to identify, for Phase II of the Neighbourhood Development Plan initiative, the four Working Groups (Economy, Housing, Infrastructure and Town/Environment). All the data relevant to each Working Group will be studied in detail and used to arrive at ideas and policies that might be included in the Plan.

In the interest of complete transparency, the full set of results is being made available - see overview below, with links to detailed responses for each question - but without any of the personal data supplied i.e. names, addresses and contact email and/or phone numbers. You are advised that many of the file sizes are large, so you may not want to download the detailed responses using a mobile phone.

The online survey asked 12 questions. (The paper based survey omitted the question on gender.)

QUESTION 1 asked for the category of stakeholder.

For the complete summary for Q1, Click here.

QUESTION 2 asked for age range.

For the complete summary for Q2, Click here.

[Note: it was disappointing that, despite attempts to reach them, so few in the younger age categories responded to the survey. Greater efforts will be made in Phase II to involve younger people.]

QUESTION 3 asked for gender.

[Note: This question was omitted from the paper-based questionnaire. When this data was entered manually, the gender was derived from contact details given, or if there were none, this question was skipped.]

For the complete summary for Q3, Click here.

QUESTION 4 asked about methods of transport used.

For the complete summary for Q4, Click here.

QUESTION 5 asked about local facilities used.

For the complete summary for Q5, Click here.

QUESTION 6 invited views on adequacy or otherwise of Housing, Employment space, Job opportunities, Leisure / community facilities, Shopping and Transport and Parking.

The data collected was as follows:

Presented graphically, for the 'less than adequate' category, this data shows that while Transport and parking is highest on the list, this is closely followed by Employment space and Job opportunities, with Housing coming 4th.

[Note: on the paper based questionnaire, there was space for comments for Q6; these were entered manually under Q12.]

QUESTION 7 asked if some facilities were obtained outside of Salcombe.

As to what facilities were accessed away from Salcombe, these were the top 10 mentioned:

For the complete summary for Q7, including additional comments made, Click here.

QUESTION 8 asked about the general quality of the environment. (on a scale Excellent ... Very poor) and allowed also for further comment.

For the complete summary for Q8, including additional comments, please Click here.

QUESTION 9 asked for the three best things about Salcombe. The top ten words mentioned were as follows:

To see all the comments made in response to Q9, Click here.

QUESTION 10 asked for one thing that might be changed. The top ten words mentioned were as follows:

To see all the comments made in response to Q10, Click here.

QUESTION 11 asked for the main priority for the NDP to address.

To see all the comments made in response to Q11, Click Here

QUESTION 12 offered space for addition information.

To see all the comments made in response to Q12, Click here. [Note: any comments made for Q6 on paper-based questionnaires were entered manually here.]

Thank you again to those who completed the questionnaire. If you have any comments on the results, or if you didn't complete the questionnaire and would like to add your own views, or have any questionnaires about the NDP process, or would like to volunteer, please email or call 01548 842282 or complete the Enquiry Form Here.