Phase II will involve the setting up of four Working Groups made up of local people and chaired by a member of the community who, for coordination purposes, will also sit on the Steering Group. Most importantly, each Working Group needs true cross-community representation (gender, age, in employment, not in employment, local business representation, etc). So, more volunteers are required to play a part.

The four working groups are: Economy, Housing, Infrastructure and Town / Environment.

Each Working Group will be provided with the survey results for their particular topics and be asked to investigate in greater depth the issues raised in the survey. They will, through wider consultation (focus groups, additional surveys etc.), develop the ideas and policy statements for incorporation in the draft Plan. Note that while these four groups are broadly in line with the Local Plan, the exact scope of each are to be determined by the survey results, and may be amended according to the outcomes of any further consultation undertaken by the individual Working Groups.

Salcombe is now entering the busy summer season, so the Working Groups will be tasked with the realistic target of delivering draft contributions for the Plan towards the end of the year, together with evidence of wider consultation, technical and legal assessments. These Working Groups may require support from external professionals, a provision for which is included in the Plan’s budget.

At the Open Meeting held on 27 April, a number of people expressed their willingness to get more involved. However, if you missed the event and are inspired to shape the Salcombe of the future, email or call 01548 842282 on complete an Enquiry form. Without more volunteers, Phase II cannot even start.

Click here for more information about the roles and responsibilities of the Steering Group, and Working Group members.