Open Meeting April 2015

There was an Open Meeting at the Primary School on 27 April 2015, to give feedback on the initial survey, based on data collected from the first 495 responses. The Open Meeting immediately followed the Town Meeting and more than 50 people attended. After a brief Q&A session, with a slideshow with the initial results running continuously in the background, those present were invited to leave comments on their thoughts about the broad themes identified to date: Housing / Parking / Traffic Management / Employment space / Development (architecture and use class).

The slideshow can be viewed here: Slideshow

These were the comments made using Post-it notes (and will be passed to the relevant Working Group in Phase II):

Housing responses.
Publicise criteria to qualify for affordable housing
Bungalow or single people, low cost
Sheltered housing for vulnerable
Self build program for affordable homes, with covenants
Land available must incorporate affordable element
Single person units, and check development that is affordable!
Single room units or young, single or elderly
Prioritise sewerage and primary facilities to serve development
Increase local all pay to enable affordability
Council to develop own land for affordable rental
Need affordable yet sensibly sized family homes
1-2 bed apartments for low paid locals
Affordable housing that actually looks at what people can afford!
Compile housing needs, rooms, sizes
Affordable housing for average wages
Don't let new housing detract Salcombe as a holiday destination
Build affordable community complexes, esp for key workers
How many affordable houses can be bought outright, and why?
Evidence base for more housing? Limited by infrastructure
Other new towns effect need for new housing here?
Future development must respect the AONB
Restrict SHDC controlling AONB unit
Refuse collection on Fridays to match change over days
Refuse collection on Fridays as use to be
Shared ownership schemes with housing associations
Store bins out of sight during week
Pest control, SEA GULLS
Seagull proof residential and commercial bags/sacks
Encourage people to put their names on housing list

Parking responses.
Difficulty in parking for essentials (pharmacy)
Review on street parking to optimise spaces
Visitor parking tickets in off season for those with residents permits
Enforce parking where cause obstruction (e.g. Coronation Road)
Inhibit on-pavement parking
Bicycle spaces/sheds in car parks and new developments
Increased park and ride facility and bus service
Limit builders vehicles taking up many parking spaces
Time restricted street parking during winter to dissuade builders
Frustration over abuse of parking permits by all
Uneven distribution of enforcement officers
Residents permits for all?
Long term parking at top of hill to ease parking in town
Visitors parking continuously at top of hill preventing residents
Effective park and ride at the top of town
New development to provide safe sufficient parking for all modes
Stop parking on pavements in Fore Street
Redevelopment of Shadycombe with multi-storey and business

Traffic Management responses.
Stop parking on curbs
Why not make parking free all year around
Don't stop elderly or infirm access to Fore Street
Build multi-storey or underground parking
Resume park and ride passes for elderly
Central collection point for online ordering
Remove height restriction in park and ride
Where will Tides Reach traffic be managed?
Pedestrianisation 9-5 like Brigham
Pedestrianise Fore Street July-sept
Fit for purpose park and ride, desirable/effective
Pedestrianise Fore Street at peak times

Employment Space responses.
Reduce rates/tax on small businesses
Purpose built industrial/commercial area at top of town
Live/work units on Gould Road
Develop old gas works/industrial area for small units
Prevent more of Island Street becoming residential
Question: what would keep young here?

Business Space responses.
Encourage non tourist based business
Discourage business with no relation to Salcombe
Boat parking spaces
Superfast broadband
Office space for start-ups
Small industrial units
Small in keeping marine trade units in Shadycombe area
Consult existing businesses, develop marine services

Architecture responses.
Consider 'street scene'
Stop changes to initially rejected plans or variations to them
Limit the use of glass and unites modern design
Consider the view from the water as to whether in keeping
Develop brownfield/urban to preserve green field
Building design guides to preserve local character
Less white, more character
Knockdown/rebuilds should count toward our 'quota'
Give town council power over decisions reversed by SHDC
Self build, alternative low cost materials
Building code for colours
Large modern development destroying character
SHDC to listen to Salcombe council and residents
Aesthetic criteria for house builds
AONB enforced not forgotten
No more cube/rectangular architecture, preserve character
Build high density in town rather than on greenfield
Overbearing developments to be curtailed, not the norm
Control building materials
Views and impact from water are very important
Stop overdevelopment of sites, putting 3 where there was 1
Restrict overdevelopment if not benefiting local housing
Preserve AONB instead of current plans to destroy it
Skyline impact of Batson Cross is appalling
SHDC and council contradict strict rules with excessive plans
Hotel development must be in proportion to existing hotel
Character destroyed by hugely oversized buildings/hotels
Less white render, more character
Zoning of architecture for planning in the town