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The Salcombe Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Salcombe Neighbourhood Development Plan is underway and offers opportunities for all stakeholders to have a say in how planning in Salcombe will inform South Hams District Council's planning decisions. The Neighbourhood Development Plan can shape the way Salcombe develops in the future. It will consist of locally approved planning policies which will be taken into account when there are planning applications or new build proposals in the future.

For more information about the progress of the Plan, click on the Community Action link.

For an overview of what Neighbourhood Planning is all about Watch this video and then click on your browser Back button to return to this page.

Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities such as Salcombe to decide the future of the places where they live and work. Across the whole of the UK over 100 Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs) have now been formally adopted by District Councils following a referendum of local people. This is further evidence that these Plans carry real ‘teeth' and give local people a voice. Many of these Plans include policies under which local people now have their say on, for example:

  • Where new homes, shops and offices can be built in the locality - or indeed where they cannot be built.
  • What any new developments should look like (e.g. respecting local traditional architecture or design). 

So what is the status of the Salcombe NDP? Our April 2016 newsletter is being distributed during the first two weeks of April to every letterbox in Town and to people who provided their email at the time of the initial survey in 2015. We are also undertaking a Housing Needs Survey, which is being carried out on our behalf (to ensure strict confidentiality of individual responses) by a team from West Devon Council. Simultaneously with that survey we are also consulting every business in town to ask them about their challenges and opportunities, notably in respect of employment for local people and the prospects for their businesses.

There is a statutory obligation on every Council in the UK to publish a ‘Local Plan’ which provides local people with a fifteen year view on how the local economy, housing and infrastructure (roads, telecommunication, health services etc etc) will be developed and managed. The Council is obliged to consult with local people as they draw up this Plan; past experience however is that the vast majority of local people either don’t respond, never get to hear about the consultation process or feel that “it isn’t worth the bother”. Indeed just 76 people responded to SHDC’s last consultation in May/June 2014. By comparison the local Salcombe NDP survey of May 2015 attracted over 570 responses. The Salcombe NDP Group will be launching a more focussed 'Community Consultation Survey' in early summer 2016; this will build upon the results of the 2015 survey but will be more precise about the types of policies which, if supported by a majority of local people, would form the basis of a draft Plan that would be written up in late summer following analysis of the Community Consultation. The NDP Group remains determined to give the people of Salcombe a voice through a Salcombe specific Neighbourhood Development Plan noting that this will directly inform (and influence) the District Council’s ‘Local Plan’, but also establish clear policies unique to Salcombe. Our two Salcombe Councillors (Judy Pearce and Simon Wright) are fully on board with that objective. Through our engagement with SHDC we are endeavouring to make it clear that (i) we have a voice and (ii) we expect that voice to be heard !!

Is there still an opportunity to be involved? There certainly is: You could volunteer to join one of the Working Groups. You could participate for 1-2 hours, in small discussion/focus groups, sharing your thoughts on individual ideas and topics, or you could assist in other ways: providing secretarial support, helping with the distribution of newsletters, helping at future town ‘events’ etc.

If you are inspired to shape the Salcombe of the future, please email salcombendp@gmail.com or call 01548 842282. Thank you!

A third newsletter will be hand delivered to every household in Salcombe in the coming weeks. Click here for a copy of that newsletter.


A second newsletter was published in September and hand delivered to every household in Salcombe. Click here for a copy of that newsletter.

A newsletter was published in June 2015, at the end of Phase I, giving information about progress to date, and what's involved in Phase II. Click here for a copy of that newsletter.

The newsletter includes the first draft of a vision for Salcombe:

A Salcombe where generations can prosper in both work and life, within a friendly and inclusive community; where development of land for employment or housing is achieved in harmony with the town’s character and the area’s distinctive natural environment.

The online survey closed on 10 May 2015 with 570 completed questionnaires. For the results, click here.

There was an Open Meeting on 27 April 2015; for full details, click here.

For more news, see also our blog.