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Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan Website to Close on 31/12/2019.

The Final Version can be found HERE..

Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan passed with 93% in favour.

After 5 years hard work by many people, the Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan was approved at referendum on 25th July with over 93% of voters saying Yes, on a turnout of just over 33%.
This now means that the policies contained within the Plan carry full weight and must be considered by planning officers at the local planning authority (SHDC) when looking at all planning applications, from the smallest to the largest residential or commercial schemes. The Plan will also be important evidence at any appeals carried out by an independent examiner.
The last 18 months or so of this process has been the most taxing and we have been very fortunate to have an excellent consultant, Peter Sandover, without whom the process would not have been completed.
The Plan introduces policies addressing issues that local people have consistently raised including:
• the protection of the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and other environmental considerations, including the protection of selected local green spaces and locally important views.
• a ‘local separation zone’ between Batson and Salcombe
• the design quality of the ‘built environment’ and the safeguarding of local heritage assets
• the lack of affordable housing, and supporting measures such as a Community Land Trust which could oversee the building of exclusively affordable housing for local people
• retention of existing employment land and encouraging development which will create employment opportunities for local people
• a 'principal residence' policy which stipulates that any incremental, newly built homes must be the occupier’s principal residence, not a second home.
Salcombe Town Council will now take ownership of the Plan and will monitor compliance with the Neighbourhood Plan and will also consider if and when any of the policies require amendment or even cancellation over the term of the Plan 2018-34.

Formal notice of ND Plan Referendum date. Thursday 25th July.


Click Here for the Notice of Referendum

Click Here for the Information Statement

Final Version Of The Approved Plan.

The Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan Group is pleased to now post the final version of the Neighbourhood Plan which has been edited to take due account of the independent examiner’s comments. This is the version that will be taken to a local referendum, the date of which will be announced as soon as we hear from South Hams District Council regarding the date. Please HERE to be taken to the copy of the Plan

Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan passes Independent Examination.

The Salcombe Neighbourhood Plan Group is very pleased to announce that the Plan has now passed the crucial milestone of an independent examination carried out by an Examiner appointed by the Planning Inspectorate. The Examiner’s Report, which is binding on the ND Plan Group and on South Hams District Council, required a few minor amendments to ensure strict compliance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and to the recently officially adopted Joint Local Plan for the South Hams, West Devon and Plymouth area (JLP). A copy of the Examiner's Report with the required amendments is available from the link below and the Plan itself is in the process of being amended accordingly. The Examiner's Report has been formally ratified by Salcombe Town Council and by South Hams District Council. A spokesman for the Neighbourhood Planning team explained that this is a major milestone for the Plan as the policies now carry significant weight and can be used from now on by Planning Officers in the determination of current/future planning applications and appeals for all developments in the parish of Salcombe. Anyone considering applying for any development in the Parish should now take due account of the policies of the Plan as they could now influence all such developments, whether simple refurbishments, extensions, partial or full 're-builds' or larger scale housing developments.

The next step in the ratification process is for the Plan to be the subject of a Local Referendum and the Electoral Office at SHDC have already been requested to commence the process of organising this Referendum. If the Plan is successful at Referendum then South Hams will formally “make” the Plan meaning it will become a formal part of the Development Plan alongside the JLP.

The Examiners Report

Salcombe NDP Update - March 29th 2019

The independent examiner has advised that he now expects to issue his full report, for accuracy checking by the NDP Group, on or around the 20th April. It is therefore probable that his final report will be issued by the end of April. This will be an important step as, with every stage reached, the Plan has ever further weight and can be used by Planning Officers, Town Council and members of the public as they consider planning applications across the parish.
In the mean time the Examiner has asked us to post the full set of attachments which are the answers to the questions he raised in his ‘Further initial comments note' dated 4th march 2018. The only attachments not posted are attachments 5 and 7. The Examiner has received the information in these attachments , but as the information contained within them includes financial information which is of a commercially sensitive nature, he has asked that the appendices should not be published on the website.

The attachments are:
A: The Independent Examiners ‘ Further Initial Comments ‘ dated 4th march 2019. Click Here.
B. The NDP Group’s response consolidating the responses made by SHDC as well as the NDP Group Click Here.
1. The NDP Group’s response to all comments received at Reg 16 stage Click Here.
2. NDP Group email to John Slater dated 14/3/2019 Click Here.
3. Cover letter template dated 2 February 2018 to landowners of originally proposed Local Green Spaces Click Here.
4. List of addresses of all originally nominated Local green spaces to whom the cover letter of 2/2/2018 was sent Click Here.
5. NOT ATTACHED. The Examiner has received the information in this attachment , but as the information contained within it includes financial information which is of a commercially sensitive nature, he has asked that this attachment should not be published on the website.
6. Correspondence with SHDC regarding the request for their help to clarify the range of ‘affordable rents’ for commercial premises Click Here.
7. NOT ATTACHED. The Examiner has received the information in this attachment , but as the information contained within it includes financial information which is of a commercially sensitive nature, he has asked that this attachment should not be published on the website.
8. Red line plan showing the area of land referred to in attachments 9, 10 and 11. Click Here.
9. Planning application report on Application Nbr 1240/16/FUL Click Here.
10. Copy of notes and decision notice dated 30 January 2018 re planning application nbr 1240/16/FUL Click Here.
11. Planning application report on Application Nbr 3262/18/FUL Click Here.
12. Email from SHDC to John Slater regarding the formal adoption of the Joint Local Plan Click Here.

Salcombe NDP Update - March 24th 2019

The independent examination of the ND Plan is almost complete. The final submission of answers to a few questions raised by the Examiner was made on March 23rd ahead of the deadline requested by the Examiner of 25th March. He has requested that we post his questions and our answers to those questions on both the SHDC website and the Salcombe NDP website. You can find the link to the Examiner’s ‘Further Initial Comments of the Independent Examiner’ dated 4th March 2019 HERE. and you can find a link to the NDP Group’s summary response HERE and the NDP Group’s response to all issues raised at the Regulation 16 Consultation which was held by SHDC HERE
The summary response refers to a few other attachments which are evidence backing up the answers given in the Summary response and the Attachment 1 response. These further attachments are not reproduced here due to General Data Protection Rules, however the summary document provides all the answers to the questions raised by the Examiner.
Our understanding is that the Examiner will issue a preliminary copy of his final report to us so that we can check for any inaccuracies. Subject to any points that the Examiner might wish to discuss with either or both the NDP Group and SHDC, his final report will then be issued formally and we shall publish that on this website as soon as possible.
The final stage will then be for SHDC to organise a local referendum at which all who are on the local electoral roll will be invited to vote either in favour of or against the ND Plan.
This is now expected to be in early-mid summer.

Salcombe NDP Update - March 1st 2019

Following the Regulation 16 statutory consultation of the latest Plan organised by SHDC, the independent examination of the Salcombe Plan is now underway and we are expecting to hear from the Inspector during March regarding his conclusions about the validity of the Plan in the context of national neighbourhood Planning legislation. If the Inspector requires modifications to the Plan then these will be made as directed. He may seek further clarifications from us regarding the wording, in which case the NDP Group will of course hasten to provide such clarifications.
We are therefore hopeful that by the end of March the NDP Group will be advised if the Plan has passed examination. Once this important stage is reached, SHDC are then obliged to organise, via the District Council's Electoral Registration office, a formal referendum of locally registered voters. If the Plan is then passed at referendum it then becomes part of local Planning law.
As soon as the result of the independent examination is known the NDP Group will arrange to further update this website and communicate the results through the local press and other local communication channels.

The Salcombe Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Salcombe ND Plan Group, having carefully considered all the representations made at the Regulation 14 consultation stage in Feb/March 2018, has, where deemed appropriate, modified the Plan for submission under Regulation 15 of the NDP legislation.

The revised Plan was then submitted, in August, for a formal ‘health check’ by an independent examiner appointed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Other than a few minor suggested amendments and clarifications this health check pronounced the Salcombe Plan to be:

“well presented and constructive and presents a positive basis for planning for the Parish for the future. It is beautifully illustrated and supported by a wide range of well researched evidence.

Its objectives and policies are quite distinctive to Salcombe and both residents and those unfamiliar with the area will be able to quickly grasp the key issues which the town faces and the wider context.”

The examiner’s suggested amendments were adopted and the revised version was ratified by Salcombe Town Council on Wednesday 10th October and formally submitted to South Hams District Council on Friday October 12th.
As required under Neighbourhood Planning legislation, South Hams District Council will shortly conduct a further six week consultation (Regulation 16).It is expected that this consultation will be launched during the week commencing Monday 29th October 2018

A copy of the newly submitted version is now available if you click Below.

Neighbourhood Plan Latest Version.

Details of SHDC’s six week (Regulation 16) consultation and how to respond will be advised as soon as SHDC let us know the details.
If you commented on the Plan at Regulation 14 you do not need to respond this time unless you consider your comments have not been addressed in the latest version of the plan.
Any representations received under this Regulation 16 consultation will be passed directly to an independently appointed Examiner who will determine if the Plan is “sound” and produce a report with recommendations, notably whether the Plan can go forward to referendum.
A referendum will be organised by the Electoral Registration team at South Hams DC. If the Plan is passed at referendum it then becomes law and must be taken into account by Planning officers when considering any and all future planning applications or other development proposals in the parish up to the year 2034.